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  • an organized and systematic approach to teaching sound/symbol relationship
  • an effective tool for teaching skills that in combination with any reading program enables students to use and understand all language forms (reading, writing, spelling, and speech).
  • an affordable program that enables you to maintain a high quality Reading and Language Arts Program and to supplement your current reading program.

For over sixty years, the Phonovisual Method has been used successfully with non-readers and struggling readers alike. It continues to survive trends in education that have stressed sight reading and rejected phonics. It is used extensively in public and private schools, as well as home-schooling programs.

Teachers love the ease and flexibility that Phonovisual offers because Phonovisual is adaptable to and compliments any reading program. The Phonovisual Method enables all types of children to read with comprehension and fluency. Children will be inspired to read, spell and write with joy!

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"I have been in education for over 20 years and have seen many different phonics programs. I have yet to find one as complete and efficient as Phonovisual. It is a program that is easy for both children and teachers and it works miracles." ~ L. Najaka, Primary Day School, www.theprimarydayschool.org

"Quite frankly, Phonovisual works perfectly as a stand-alone phonics program or as a supplement to any modern phonics or whole langauge method. The linguistic layout of the charts remains unsurpassed. I use the Phonovisual Charts in my classroom every day. I am absolutely convinced that there is not a better set of phonics charts and materials on the market. I continue to do what I can to encourage teachers to use the Phonovisual Method." ~ D. Potter, Odessa, TX